Our Shammies

We are divers who've been making shammies since 2012.  The first shammy was a birthday gift for a teammate.  It wasn't all that pretty, to be honest!  But since then, we've gotten a lot better at tie dying and have perfected the process.  We've sold over 7000 shammies to athletes, teams, meets, and stores.  We would love to make a shammy (or a lot of shammies) you will love!
Our shammies are high quality!
- made from high quality PVA
- absorbs water quickly.  
- approximately 16" x 12" when dry, a little larger wet.
Shammies are great for athletes!  
- Use them to dry off between dives or races, or after practice.
- They dry so well, you can leave your bulky towel at home.
- For divers, drying your legs off between dives helps keep your hands from slipping on tucks and pikes.  

Shammies are unique!
- Your tie-dyed shammy will look different than your teammates' and competitors' shammies so you can find it easily on deck.  
- Since it's unique, hopefully it won't end up going home in someone else's bag.
- Plain white shammies are hard to find in the pool, especially if it sinks to the bottom.  Colorful ones stand out so you can find it in the water.

Care and use instructions:
It arrives dry and stiff, almost like cardboard.  When you use it the first time, there might be residual dye which could bleed onto something.  The best practice is to use it at the pool and let pool water rinse any extra dye away.  After using your shammy, we suggest letting it air dry on the side of your gym bag or dive/swim bag.  It will get stiff again, but once you put it back in the water, it becomes soft and absorbent.  Do not put it in a clothes dryer, and hot tubs might make the dye fade.